Collection: FRUITION

Dreams take time and it serves the purpose when it needed the most.  In this journey we referred to as life, we go through different phases, experiences and processes that are contributing to what we are today. What was once a thought/idea if actions are added, will come to manifest, will soon be realized. 

Growth is inevitable and obstacles are part of it. Embracing the process, enduring the pain, acknowledging the progress, delivering the things needed to be done even it is not easy are strong pillars and tunnel light to the path of small victory and big success. 

We harvest what we planted. We reap what we sow. We learn from the past and let go. 

In this collection dubbed as Fruition, we collectively celebrate our wins as we move forward. We acknowledge our room for improvement as we solidify our purpose, as we stick to our "why".

Added with fruits of labor as it give zest to our life, we put limelight to the most common fruits available in the market and every household. A good reminder that we should not take  things for granted that are widely available and beneficial to us as we may often overlook. Don't bite the apple eve and be the hungriest! As they say, health is our greatest wealth.

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